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Who We Are

We are Niagara's medical spa and wellness care providers, offering concierge-level service to all our clients. 


We curate bespoke beauty programs designed for facial rejuvenation and improving emotional well-being. Beauty is a feeling; we will do everything possible to create something beautiful.


We are committed to supporting a sustainable future for all. 


We aim to become Ontario Wine Country’s most loved aesthetic specialty provider. 

We want to inspire and build a community of people who strongly appreciate differences and support all perspectives on beauty and skincare routines that are important and unique to us all.


Certified Health Professionals

You can feel safe knowing our clinicians are certified health professionals dedicated to setting the stage for you to be seen, heard and better understood. 

Victory Lall

Clinical Nurse Specialist


Dr. Kevin Velicaria

Medical Director


Get in Touch  /  Tel. 416-200-1323

Thank you for choosing Victory Clinic!



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